Review of Anti-Terror and Peace: IFLAC Anthology


By Pejman Masrouri

Bringing together voices from around the globe, Ada Aharoni’s newest publication, “Anti-Terror and Peace: IFLAC Anthology,” is a crucial and timely contribution in today’s troubled times.

Contributors hail from twenty-three different countries and offer a rich composite of multicultural experiences with one goal in mind—to eradicate violence and terrorism and replace it with hope and peace. A variety of expression is shared, including thoughtful and well-researched articles, art, poetry, short stories, and essays. I feel that each piece has been carefully chosen to stimulate interest, thought, discussion, and, most importantly, action.

As contributor Njero Kathangu Mtumishi, of Kenya, points out, “The war on terrorism can only succeed where justice is looked at from a human angle and not just in legal exchange.” He eloquently summarizes that “Carrying arms disables the tongue.”  Fellow contributor, Free Pen, of France, shares a similar message, in that…

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