My Remarkable Experience at IFLAC


Nicole Wyszynski

Goodbye Nicole, thanks for all you did for IFLAC and humanity and have a great life!

As an intern for IFLAC: the International Forum For the Literature and Culture of Peace, I was amazed that literature can have such an influence on peace education, peace building and on combating terror. Like in IFLAC’s logo, I learned that the pen is stronger than the sword because it can kill the ideology of terrorists itself which is also made from words.

One of my revealing experiences was being introduced to the history of Jews living in Arabic nations for centuries and then experiencing a tragic banishment and uprooting following the formation of the State of Israel in 1948. The world is very familiar with the Palestinian refugee problem, yet it is unaware of the Jewish refugee problem after expulsion from Arab countries where they lived for centuries. Approximately a million Jews were…

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